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Patricia Bellucci, Phd
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Incorporating both analytic and cognitive-behavioral methods my treatment approach offers a caring and supportive atmosphere utilizing techniques tailored to each persons unique needs.  Using talk therapy I help individuals untangle and understand the meaning and feelings regarding current and past behaviors. I am committed to working with each individual to help build on their strengths while identifying and providing guidance to discover solutions and achieve their life goals. My office provides a warm, respectful and confidential atmosphere where one can accomplish this.

I am licensed in New York with additional post-graduate certificates. I am a graduate and faculty member in The Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program and a faculty member for the Eating Disorders, Compulsions and Addictions Services at the William Alanson White Institute. I supervise graduate students at the Women’s Health Project at the St. Luke’s Hospital Center. I have earned a certificate in Groups Psychotherapy from the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society.


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